Ultra Resveratrol + CoQ10

90 caps (3 months supply)

Grape Seed Extract and Red Wine

100% of 100
  • Supports Heart Health 
  • Improves Energy and Stamina   
  • Antioxidant Protection
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Ultra Resveratrol + CoQ10
The unique combination of Resveratrol and Coenzyme Q10 work in harmony to support cardiovascular health and boost energy levels. Together these ingredients provide powerful antioxidant properties essential for optimum health. 


Scientists have discovered a new wonder compound: Resveratrol. Found naturally in the skin of grapes, it appears to trigger a normally dormant longevity gene. Once triggered, this gene activates the body’s natural genetic defences against diseases. 

According to a recent study by the University of Alberta in Canada, the health benefits from resveratrol are similar to those we get from working out: improved physical performance, better heart function and increased muscle strength. Studies into the health benefits of red wine are plentiful, with findings showing those who drink a glass of red wine a day are less likely to develop dementia or cancer. It has also previously been revealed to be good for your heart, anti-ageing and can play a part in regulating blood sugar.

CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin like substance that is found in almost all living cells. Our vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys depend on a good supply of CoQ10 to function properly. CoQ10 is naturally produced in the body however research shows from the age of 20, production of CoQ10 slows down.

A coenzyme is a substance needed for the proper functioning of an enzyme, a protein that speeds up the rate at which chemical reactions take place in the body. Coenzymes are vital participants in many of the ongoing chemical reactions in our bodies that are the very essence of life.
Unlike vitamins that must be obtained from external sources (by way of our food or by supplementation), CoQ10 is synthesised in the body although this is a complex process which can be inhibited especially if there is a deficiency of other essential nutrients. Also under certain circumstances (e.g. after strenuous exercise, or in times of illness, or as a result of taking some pharmaceutical drugs) production of CoQ10 cannot always meet the body's requirements for it.
In order that our vital organs, the heart, liver, kidneys etc are able to function properly and meet their energy requirements, they depend on receiving and maintaining a sufficient supply of CoQ10. Coenzyme Q10 is therefore recognized as a vital component in the process in the mitochondria (the power-plants of our cells) that convert the energy in the foods that we eat into the fuel (known as Adenozine Triphosphate - ATP) necessary to drive cellular machinery in the body.
In addition to the important process which provides energy, CoQ10 also stabilizes cell membranes and acts as an antioxidant. In this capacity, it destroys free radicals, the unstable molecules that can cause damage to normal cells in the body.
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Ingredients Per Capsule

Resveratrol - 100mg (equiv to Polygonum cuspidatum - 20,000)
Grape Seed - 5000mg (providing Proanthocyanidins - 47.50mg)
Red Wine - 1200mg (providing Polyphenols - 30mg)
Co Q10 (Ubiquinone) - 50mg

Contains Encapsulating Aids

Take 1-2 capsules daily or as professionally advised.
Booster dose - take 2 capsules daily or as professionally advised.
For best results, use daily.
Resveratrol/CoQ10 is recommended for long term use to support overall health and well-being.

Warnings and Precautions

Seek professional health advice before supplementing if taking blood thinning medication such as Warfarin, Pradaxa or Aspirin, or if suffering from a medical condition.

Always read the label and use as directed, supplementary to a balanced diet. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. 
Store away from heat, light and moisture.
Keep out of reach of children.